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Adhesives includeEpoxies,
and Acrylics

Adhesives Technology Corp. (ATC) is the leading Private Label Adhesives and Epoxy Manufacturer in the US. Our American made products thrive under the labels of some of the most respected and well known companies throughout the world.Fortune 500 R & D Expertise...Our recent advancements in Adhesives/Epoxy Formulation R & D have occurred in the areas of:
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory & Quality Control Assurance
  • Custom Epoxy & Adhesive Formulation
  • Unique Process Design (FTIR Equipment, Stability Software)
  • Rheological / Varying Viscosities Characterization
  • Composition Mix Dynamics
  • Product application and cure  
100% Dedicated to Training Your Team:
  • Onsite / Hands-On product training
  • Field experience
  • Knowledge transfer

Private Label AdhesivesPrivate Label AdhesivesPrivate Label AdhesivesPrivate Label AdhesivesPrivate Label AdhesivesPrivate Label Adhesives

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Adhesives Technology Corp. builds reliability and dependability that provide our clients with a confident peace of mind by offering:

  • Superior in house R & D equipment and testing
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • The broadest range of high strength epoxies in formula and package configurations of any manufacturer in the industry
  • 100% on time or early deliveries

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Adhesives Technology Corp.'s all encompassing Private Label Program will provide you with the benefits of our research and development, high-quality, market proven products, exceptional customer service and technical support, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and shipping. There are a great number of adhesive manufacturers producing different types of adhesives that are distributed by adhesive distributors all around the globe. Adhesives can be broken into two main types; reactive and non reactive. Both of these are explained below in detail.

Reactive Adhesives

One-Part Adhesives

This type of adhesive hardens when it comes into contact with an external energy source that may be moisture, heat or radiation. These types of adhesives are extremely famous due to their strong bond and are used widely in several industries.

Multi-part adhesives

This type of adhesive hardens when it is mixed with another component. This is mainly due to a chemical reaction that makes polymers crosslink into epoxies, urethanes and acrylics. Some most common combinations of multi-part adhesive include: Polyester resin, Acrylic Polymers and Polyols. Individual components used in multi-part adhesive are not of use as they do not carry adhesive properties individually and only strengthen when they come into contact with other components.

Non Reactive Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives, also known as PSA, react when pressure is applied on them. PSAs are generally wet and flow as pressure is applied and connect. When pressure is applied the adhesive strengthens and eventually stops flowing joining the bond. These types of adhesives may be used for permanent or temporary bonds. These are used in numerous industries and even in the household.

Drying Adhesives

This is a type of adhesive that dries and gets hard. One of the most common types of drying adhesive is glue and rubber cements. Depending on their chemical combination they may be used for different types of materials. They are most commonly used in the packaging industry.

Hot Adhesives

Hot adhesives, also commonly called hot meld adhesives, are used in molten form. These solidify on cooling and are used to join different types of materials. They are very easy to use and can join a wide range of materials, which is why a great number of resin manufacturers are producing these types of adhesives.

Contact Adhesives

These types of adhesives are generally used when strong bonds are required. They are heavily used in the commercial industry to join Formica to a wooden plate or to attach outsoles to shoes. Some commonly used contact adhesives are polychloroprene and natural rubber. These types of adhesives are applied on both surfaces to hold them together. These require hours to dry to strengthen the bond. These types of adhesives are commonly manufactured by epoxy manufacturers in USA. However, in addition natural adhesives are also often used by epoxy manufacturers for the preparation of adhesives. It is very important to know the right type of adhesive so that you can get good results. The right one depends on several things including the material you need to join and the temperature as certain types of adhesives do not work properly in extremely hot or cold climate.

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